ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 Site Map (no frames page)

SC32 Web Site

bullet Home Page: The home page for JTC1/SC32 (with frames).
bullet Site Map (no frames): This page.
bullet Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SC32.
bullet Contact Information: How to contact the SC32 Secretariat and SC32 Chair.

Current Tasks/Activities

bullet Document Library: The listing of all documents for SC32.  Note: Each Working Group has its own document library.
bullet FTP Access: How to access documents via FTP.

Organizational Structure

bullet SC32 Organization Chart: The organization of the Working Groups, Rapporteur Groups, and Ad Hoc Committees of SC32.
bullet National Body Membership: The members of SC32.
bullet Liaisons: The liaisons organizations.
bullet Terms of Reference: The Scope of SC32 and each of its Working Groups.

SC32 Work

bullet SC32 Work Programme: A listing of current projects within SC32.
bullet Meeting Schedule: The dates of past and future SC32 plenary meetings, including meeting agenda and resolutions.
bullet Business Plan: The current business plan of SC32.
bullet Acronym Summary: Within the standards process, a listing of common acronyms and their definitions.

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