JTC 1/  SC 32

Title:             Data Management and Interchange

Area of Work:  Standards for data management within and among local and distributed information

                    systems environments. SC 32 provides enabling technologies to promote

                    harmonization of data management facilities across sector-specific areas.  Specifically,

                    SC 32 standards include:


                    1) reference models and frameworks for the coordination of existing and emerging



                    2) definition of data domains, data types and data structures, and their associated



                    3) languages, services and protocols for persistent storage, concurrent access,

                    concurrent update and interchange of data; 


                    4) methods, languages, services and protocols to structure, organize and register

                    metadata and other information resources associated with sharing and interoperability,

                    including electronic commerce.

JTC 1/  SC 32/WG 01

Title:             eBusiness

Area of Work:  Standardization in the field of generic information technology standards for open

                    electronic data interchange needed to attain global interoperability among the

                    information technology systems used by organizations.  Such interoperability is viewed

                    from both business and information technology perspectives.


                    Within this context the scope includes:


                    1  methodology and framework for identification and modelling of business activities

                    through business scenarios and their components, such as roles, information bundles,

                     and semantic components;

                    2  identification and specification of formal description techniques for describing

                    classes of business requirements and their contextual and semantic specifications;

                    3  identification and specification of formal description techniques for developing

                    business scenarios and their components;

                    4  identification and specification of information technology services and service

                    interfaces for accomplishing business transactions;

                    5  identification and specification of facilities to manage business scenarios and their



                    Note: Priority is on work required to support the needs of electronic commerce,

                    electronic administration, electronic business, etc.  The basis of work is the Open-edi

                    Reference Model (ISO/IEC 14662).


JTC 1/  SC 32/WG 02

Title:             Metadata

Area of Work:  To develop and maintain standards that facilitate specification and management of

                    metadata. Use of these standards will enhance the understanding and sharing of data,

                    information and processes to support, for example, interoperability, electronic

                    commerce and component-based development.  The scope shall include:  


                    a)  a framework for specifying and managing metadata;  

                    b)  specification and management of data elements, structures and their associated


                    c)  specification and management of value domains, such as classification and code


                    d)  specification and management of data about processes and behaviour;  

                    e)  facilities to manage metadata, for example: data dictionaries, repositories,

                    information resource dictionary systems, registries and glossaries;  

                    f)  facilities to exchange metadata, including its semantics, over the Internet, intranets

                    and other media.

JTC 1/  SC 32/WG 03

Title:             Database Languages

Area of Work:  The terms of reference of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG3 Database Languages are:

                    1. To develop and maintain languages for the dynamic specification, maintenance and

                    description of database structures and contents in multi-user environments. The

                    specifications may include the data type, behaviour and any integrity constraints on the

                    contents of the defined structures. The specifications may include mechanisms for the

                    creation and generation of new data types and behaviours so as to support the

                    specification of other international standards.

                    2. To provide additional support for the integrity of database systems through

                    transaction commitment, recovery, and security facilities.

                    3. To develop and maintain languages which provide for the storage, access and

                    manipulation of data in database structures by multiple concurrent users. These

                    languages may be computationally complete and may contain features for the

                    packaging and storage of modules and procedures in database structures.

                    4. To provide interfaces for the languages developed to other standard programming


                    5. To provide interfaces or access to other standards describing data types, behaviour

                    or database content to users of the languages developed.

JTC 1/  SC 32/WG 04

Title:             SQL Multimedia & Application Packages

Area of Work:  To specify packages of abstract data types for use in various application areas. Specify

                    each package of abstract data type definitions using the facilities for user-defined type

                    provided in the Database Language SQL/Foundation. This should include packages

                    such as Full-Text, Spatial, Still Image, Still Graphic, Animation, Full Motion Video, Audio,

                    Seismic, and Music.