Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
008302002.05.16ISO/IEC FCD 14662 Information technology - Open-Edi Reference Model 2nd EditionSC 32 SecretariatText for FCD Ballot
008292002.07.02ISO/IEC 9075 (parts 1 to 5):1999/Cor.2:2002(E), ISO/IEC 9075 (parts 9, 10, Amd.1):2000/Cor.1:2000(E)SC 32 SecretariatFinal Text Submitted for COR Publication
008282002.05.14Convenor's recommendation on progression to the SC32 secretariatStephen Cannan (The Netherlands)Meeting Report
008272002.05.16SQL:1999 DCOR:2002 Consolidated Ballot Comment ResolutionsJim Melton (ed.)Disposition of Comments
008262002.05.16MINUTES OF DCOR EDITING MEETING ISO/IEC DCOR 9075:Cor.2 ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 29th April - 10th May 2002 Seoul, KoreaS. Cannan - WG 3 ConvenerMeeting Report
008252002.05.14Rationale for subproject split of 9075WG 3Other Document (Open)
008242002.05.14WG4 StatusPresentationWG 4 K. ShibanoOther Document (Open)
00823Road Map of WG2 New Project on 'Framework for Registering Business Objects' PresentationWG 2 H. HoriuchiOther Document (Open)
008222002.05.23Initial Draft Guidelines on Electronic Editing MeetingsFrank FaranceOther Document (Open)
008212002.05.14Response to UDDI Project Transition RFP from ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC32Bruce BargmeyerOther Document (Defined)
008202002.05.14Terms of Reference for WG3 Database LanguagesWG 3Other Document (Open)
008192002.05.14WG 3 Database Languages PresentationWG 3 Stephen CannanOther Document (Open)
008182002.05.14Scope of WG 5CanadaOther Document (Defined)
008172002.05.14OPEN-EDI STANDARDS AND STANDARDIZATION WORK PresentationWG 1 Jake KnoppersOther Document (Open)
008162002.05.14Information Interchange based on XML PresentationWu Zhigang - ChinaOther Document (Open)
008152002.05.14Liaison report for UN CE/FACTPaul LevineOther Document (Open)
008142002.05.14Summary of Voting on Document SC 32 N 0756 ISO/IEC 20943-3:200x(E) Information technology — Achieving metadata registry content consistency— Part 3: Value domainsSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of Replies
008132002.05.14Summary of Voting on Document SC 32 N 0755 ISO/IEC CD 11179-4 Information technology — Data Management and Interchange -- Metadata Registries (MDR) - Part 4: Rules and guidelines for the formulation of data definitionsSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of Replies
008122002.05.10JTC 1/SC 32/WG 4 Meeting Report, Seoul, Korea, 2002-05-10WG 4 ConvenerMeeting Report
008112002.05.10JTC 1/SC 32/WG 4 Resolutions, Seoul, Korea, 2002-05-10WG 4 ConvenerResolutions