Documents 501 - 625

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
5392000.10.11Summary of Voting for 32N0495 ISO/IEC CD 15944-1 Information technology - Business Agreement Semantic Descriptive Techniques Part 1: Business Operational Aspects of Open-edi for ImplementationSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting
5382000.10.04Summary of Voting for 32N0490 ISO/IEC CD 11179-3 Information technology - Specification and standardization of data elements - Part 3: Basic attributes of data elementsSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting
5372000.10.02Summary of Voting for 32N0489 ISO/IEC PDTR 20943 Information technology - Procedure for Achieving Data Registry Content Consistency - Data ElementsSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of Replies
5362000.09.26Subproject Proposal for "XML-Related Specifications (SQL/XML)"Jim Melton (US)National Body Contribution
5352000.10.02Approach to Development of the New ISO/IEC 18038 Identification and Mapping of Various Categories of Jurisdictional DomainsProject Editor, Dr. Jake V.Th. Knoppers [E-mail: [email protected]]Other Document (Open)
5342000.10.04Status of the Work on the New ISO/IEC 18022 Identification Mapping, and IT-enablement of Standards for Widely Used Coded Value DomainsProject Editor, Dr. Jake V.Th. Knoppers [E-mail: [email protected]]Other Document (Open)
5332000.09.20Electronic ISO — Formats and procedure for the submission of files for DIS and FDISISO Technical Management BoardInformation from ISO Central Secretariat (Open)
5322000.09.25Canadian Position on Revision of ISO/IEC 11179National Body - CanadaNational Body Contribution
5312000.09.18COR - Information Technology - Database languages -SQL -Technical Corrigendum 1 for SQL 1999Project EditorFinal Text for COR Publication
5302000.09.18FCD 15414: Information Technology - Open Distributed Processing - Reference Model - Enterprise ViewpointJTC1/SC7 SecretariatLiaison Organization Contribution
5292000.09.18Notice of Publication ISO/IEC 13249-1:2000 Information technology - Database languages - SQL multimedia and application packages - Part 1: FrameworkSC 32 SecretariatNotice of Publication
5282000.09.18ISO/IEC JTC1 SCS32 WG5 Notice of changed meeting datesSC 32/WG 5 ConvenerMeeting Announcement
5272000.09.12SQL/MM Data Mining PresentationFriedmann SchwenkreisOther document (Open)
5262000.09.12SC 32/WG 4 Project status correctionsSC 32/WG 4 ConvenerOther document (Open)
5252000.09.12JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 4 Resolutions, 2000-06-28, WarwickSC 32/WG 4 ConvenerResolutions
5242000.09.08Re-circulation of SC 32 Resolution 25: Facilitating Standards Development Work & Marketing ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32 Standards (JTC1N6087), with MRG Recommendations (JTC1N6175) received.JTC 1 SecretariatInformation from JTC 1 Secretariat
5232000.09.08SC 32 Secretariat Report - September 2000SC 32 SecretariatSecretariat Report
5222000.09.08BUSINESS PLAN FOR ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC32, Data Management and InterchangeBruce Bargmeyer - SC 32 ChairmanBusiness Plan
5212000.09.08Second Draft Agenda for the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 Plenary Meeting, Monday 2000-10-09 and Friday 2000-10-13, Helsinki, FinlandSC 32 SecretariatMeeting Agenda
5202000.09.06SC 32 Chairman comments - JTC 1 Strategic Planning - New Model for Participation and FundingBruce Bargmeyer - SC 32 ChairmanInformation from SC Secretariat