Documents 501 - 625

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
5872000.10.24A proposal for - A framework for Identification and Classification of Enterprise ObjectsHajime Horiuchi - WG 2Proposed NP
5862000.11.15ISO/IEC WD 13249-2 Information technology - SQL Multimedia and Application Packages - Part 2: Full-TextMark Ashworth - Project EditorWorking Draft Text
5852000-10-12Meeting Resolutions for the SC 32/RG 2 Meeting in Helsinki RG 2 RapporteaurResolutions
5842000.10.20Disposition of Comments on 32N0018 CD 13238-1Jean B�rub�, Project EditorDisposition of Comments
5832000-10-19ISO/IEC FCD 13238-1 Information Technology - Data Management Export/Import Facilities - Part 1: Standardization FrameworkSC 32 SecretariatText for FCD Ballot
5822000.10.20SC 32 Project OverviewSC 32 SecretariatProgramme of Work
5812000.10.11Minutes of the Ad-hoc Meeting on the OMG's informal intensions for MOF & XMI PASHajime HoriuchiOther Document (Open)
5802000.10.11Notes for Presentation on 18022 and 18038 to joint meeting of SC32 WG1 & WG2 (Helsinki, 2000-10-11)Jake KnoppersOther Document (Open)
5792000.10.12TC215 Liaison ReportJoe ChristensenOther Document (Open)
5782000.10.12WG 5 Position on XMLWG 5Other Document (Open)
5772000.10.20Liaison Statement from SC32 to TC211Jake KnoppersOther Document (Open)
5762000.10.10Live and Dud RoundsJim Melton (USA)Other Document (Open)
5752000.10.10Subproject: "XML-Related Specs (SQL/XML)"Jim Melton ([email protected])Other Document (Open)
5742000.10.10WG3 Tutorial Presentation 2000-10-09Jim MeltonOther Document (Open)
5702000.10.10SC 7 Liaison Report to the Helsinki Plenary of SC 32Jean BerubeOther Document (Open)
5692000-10-10Rapporteur's Report for RG 2 to SC 32 PlenaryJean B�rub�, RapporteurOther Document (Open)
5682000.10.09SQL/MM Part 6: Data Mining PresentationFriedemann SchwenkreisOther Document (Open)
5672000.10.09Canada's Opening Comments to SC 32 Plenary, HelsinkiNational Body - CanadaOther Document (Open)
5662000.10.10OMG Liaison Report to the Helsinki Plenary of SC 32Mr. Hajime HoriuchiOther Document (Open)
5652000.10.08WG2 Tutorial Presentation 2000-10-09Larry FitzwaterOther Document (Open)