Documents 376 - 500

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
4332000-02-15Notice of FPDAM Editing Meeting for ISO/IEC 9075 Amd1, SQL/OLAPSC 32/WG 2 ConvenerMeeting Announcement
4322000-02-15Notice of FCD Editing Meeting for ISO/IEC 9075-9, SQL/Management of External DataSC 32/WG 3 ConvenerMeeting Announcement
4312000-02-08DCOR Ballot - Information technology - Database Languages — SQL TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 4SC 32/WG 2 Convener -S. CannanText for DCOR Ballot
4302000-01-27Convenor's recommendation on progression to the SC32 secretariatStephen Cannan (Netherlands)Meeting Report
4292000-02-02Final Disposition of Comments for FCD 9075-10 (SQL/OLB)Jim Melton (Ed.)Disposition of Comments
4282000-01-27Minutes of the SQL/OLB Final Continuation Editing Meeting Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Jan 17 - 27, 2000Paul Cotton (Canada)Meeting Report
4272000-01-27WG 3 Convenor's Report to the SC 32 January 2000 PlenaryWG 3 ConvenorMeeting Report
4262000-01-25Working Group 3 Tutorial - Santa FeKrishna Kulkarni and Jim Melton Other Document (Open)
4252000-01-24Proposed SC32 Guidelines for Project SubdivisionCanadaOther Document (Open)
4242000-01-24Action Items - Santa Fe SC32 Opening Plenary - 24 January 2000SC 32 SecretariatOther Document (Open)
4232000-01-19Canadian comments on SC32 meeting scheduleCanada - National BodyOther document (Defined)
4222000-01-27JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 5 Plenary Resolutions, 17-27 January 2000, Santa Fe, USASC 32/WG 5 ConvenerResolutions
4212000-01-27JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 4 Plenary Resolutions, 2000-01-26, Santa FeSC 32/WG 4Resolutions
4202000-01-27SC 32/WG 3 meeting resolutions from the Santa Fe meeting 2000-01-27SC 32/WG 3 ConvenerResolutions
4192000-01-27JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 2 Plenary Resolutions, January 27, 2000, Santa Fe, NM, USASC 32/WG 2 ConvenerResolutions
4182000-01-22SC32/WG1 meeting resolutions from the Santa Fe meetingSC32/WG1Resolutions
4172000-02-17Meeting Report for the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 Plenary Meeting, Monday 2000-01-24 and Friday 200-01-28, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USASC 32 SecretariatMeeting Report
4162000-01-28JTC 1/SC 32 Plenary Resolutions, 2000-01-28, Santa Fe, NM, USASC 32 SecretariatResolutions
4152000-02-08Publication Notice of ISO/IEC 11179-1:1999 Information technology - Specification and standardization of data elements - Part 1: Framework for the specification and standardization of data elementsISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 SecretariatNotice of Publication
4142000-02-08Publication Notice of ISO/IEC 13249-3:1999 Information Technology - SQL Multimedia and Application Packages - Part 3: SpatialISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 SecretariatNotice of Publication