Documents 251 - 375

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
3091999.05.26ISO/IEC FPDAM 9579 Ballot - Secure RDA for SQL - Chairman's Report and Disposition of CommentsISO/IEC FPDAM 9579 Ballot Resolution MeetingDisposition of Comments
3081999.05.27Rationale for Project Split - RDA Support for SQL-MEDSC 32/WG 5Other document (Open)
3071999.05.27Rationale for Project Split - Enhancements to Security for Database DistributionSC 32/WG 5Other document (Open)
3061999.05.25Rationale for Project Split - XML Encoding for RDASC32/WG5Other document (Open)
3051999.05.27ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 32 WG 5 Projects and PersonnelSC 32/WG 5 ConvenorProgramme of Work
3041999.05.27Target dates and project editors of the projects of SC32/WG1SC 32/WG1Programme of Work
3021999.05.22ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 FCD 13249-1 Matsue Editing Meeting ResolutionISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 FCD 13249-1 Matsue Editing Meeting ResolutionResolutions
3011999.05.26WG3 Convenor's Report to the SC 32 May 1999 Plenary Matsue, JapanSC 32/WG 3 ConvenerMeeting Report
2991999.05.28ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 Matsue, Japan - List of DelegatesSC 32 SecretariatOther document (Open)
2981999.05.28SC32 resolution concerning reassignment of Export/Import projectSC32 closing Plenary in Matsue, JapanOther document (Defined)
2971999.05.28ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 32 response to JTC 1 request for input on work of MOUSC32 closing Plenary in Matsue, JapanOther document (Defined)
2961999.05.28ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 participation in ISO/IEC/UN-ECE MoU Management GroupSC32 closing Plenary in Matsue, JapanOther document (Defined)
2951999.05.01SQL MM Full-Text, Spatial, and Still Image PresentationPeter Pistor SC 32/WG4Other document (Open)
2941999.05.21Working Group 3 Tutorial Presentation on SQLKrishna Kulkarni SC 32/WG 3Other document (Open)
2931999.05.24Reference Model for Data Management PresentationMike Newton, SC 32/RG 1Other document (Open)
2911999.05.16Consolidation Ballot Comments and Partial Resolution of Comments for CD 9075-10 (SQL/OLB)Jim Melton (Editor)Disposition of Comments
2901999.05.24Consolidation Ballot Comments and Interim Disposition of Comments for CD 9075-9 (SQL/MED)Jim Melton (Editor)Disposition of Comments
2891999.05.27Minutes of the ISO FCD 9075-10 (SQL/OLB) Editing Meetings Matsue, Japan, May 17-27, 1999FCD Editing Meetings for ISO/IEC FCD 9075-10, SQL/OLBMeeting Report
2881999.05.27Minutes of the ISO CD 9075-9 (SQL/MED) Editing Meetings Matsue, Japan, May 17-27, 1999CD Editing Meetings for ISO/IEC CD 9075-9, SQL/MEDMeeting Report
2871999.05.24Action Items - Matsue SC32 Opening Plenary, 24 May 1999SC 32 SecretariatOther document (Defined)