Documents 126 - 250

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
1711998.08.05ISO/IEC FCD 14481, Information Technology - Conceptual Schema Modeling FacilitiesProject Editor (J. Sharp)117 Text for FCD ballot or comment
1701998.08.05Information Concerning the JTC 1 Business Team on Imaging and GraphicsSC 24 Chairman (S. Carson)33 Other document (Defined)
1691998.08.05Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda for the First (Sixth) Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 WG 1, 21-25 September 1998, Ottawa, Ont., Canada.SC 32/WG 1 Chairman (S. Carson)22 Meeting Agenda
1681998.08.05Evolving Working Document for Topics 14 and 15 (Base Document)SC 32/WG 1 Convenor (H. Pelkonen)33 Other document (Defined)
1671998.08.05Request for Contributions on Formal Description TechniquesSC 32/WG 1 Convenor (H. Pelkonen).101 Other document (Open)
1661998.08.054th Edition of the JTC 1 Directives.JTC 1 Secretariat33 Other document (Defined)
1651998.08.05Revised Business Plan Template for JTC or JTC 1/SCsJTC 1 Secretariat32 Information from JTC 1 Secretariat
1641998.08.05Notice of Final Continuation FCD Editing Meeting for ISO/IEC DIS 9075, Parts 1, 2, 4 and 5.SC32 Secretariat17 Meeting Annoucement
1631998.08.05JTC 1/SC 32 Plenary Resolutions, July 1998, Brisbane, Australia.SC 32 Secretariat75 Resolutions
1621998.08.05Expected Benefits and Responsibilities of "C" Liaison between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and SC 32/WG, 2, WG 3 and WG 4SC 32/WG 2, WG 3 and WG 4Other Document (Defined)
1611998.08.05Request for Subdivisions of SQL/MM Part 2: Full Text (Project 64.02) and Part 3: Spatial (Project 64.03)SC 32/WG 4 Convenor (K. Shibano)73 Program Extension Document
1601998.08.05Liasion List for Approval at SC 32 Plenary Meeting, July 1998, Brisbane, Australia.SC 32 Secretariat101 Other document (Open)
1591998.08.05Expected Benefits and Responsiblities of "C" Liasion between SC 32/WG 4 and Open GIS Consortium, Inc.SC 32/WG 433 Other document (Defined)
1581998.08.05SC 32/WG 5 Convenor's ReportSC 32/WG 5 Convenor (J. Hadjioannou)91 Meeting Report
1571998.08.05SC 32/RG 2 Resolution Submitted to the SC 32 Plenary, July 1998, Brisbane, Australia.SC 32/RG 2 Rapporteur (J. Berube)75 Resolutions
1561998.08.05SC 32/WG 5 Terms of ReferenceSC 32/WG 5 Convenor (J. Hadjioannou)101 Other documents (Open)
1551998.08.05SC 32/WG 4 Resolutions Submitted to the SC 32 Plenary, July 1998, Brisbane, Australia.SC 32/WG 475 Resolutions
1541998.08.05SC 32/WG 2 Resolutions Submitted to the SC 32 Plenary, July 1998, Brisbane, Australia.SC 32/WG 275 Resolutions
1531998.08.05Conceptual Schema Modeling Facilities CD 14481 Editing Meeting (Brisbane, July 1998) Report and Dispostion of National Body Comments.CSMF Editing Meeting, Brisbane, Australia.91 Meeting Report
1521998.08.05JTC 1/SC 32 Working Group Terms of Reference.SC 32 Secretariat79 Information from SC Secretariat