Documents 1001 - 1125

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
10262003.07.22Streamlined approach to Referencing Explanatory Reports (RERs) involving certain types of documents from certain sourcesSC 32 SecretariatOther Document (Open)
10252003.07.22ISO/IEC WD 11179-2 Information Technology - Metadata Registries - Part 2: ClassificationProject Editors - Jim Carpenter & Nancy LawlerWorking Draft Text (for information or comment)
10242003.07.09Logistical Information for Interim WG2 and WG4 Meetings 27-31 October 2003, Melbourne, Australia,AustraliaLogistical Information for meeting
10232003.07.09Logistical Information for Interim WG3 Meeting Hobart, Australia, 20 - 24 October 2003 AustraliaLogistical Information for meeting
10042003.06.30Revised contribution on 15944-2: Open-edi Ontology modelJapanOther Document (Open)
10032003.06.30JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 1 Plenary Resolutions, Otaru, Japan, June 2003SC 32/WG 1 ConvenerResolutions
10022003.06.30ISO/IEC DCOR 11179-3:200x(E) Information technology — Information technology - Metadata Registries (MDR) - Part 3, Registry Metamodel and basic attributesSC 32 SecretariatText for DCOR Ballot
10012003.06.25Summary of Voting on Document SC 32 N 0956, NP for Information technology -- Common Logic (CL) - A Framework for a Family of Logic-Based LanguagesSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of Replies