Documents 876 - 1000

Document Assignment Date Title Source Type
9022002.11.19Information technology - Database languages — SQL Multimedia and Application Packages - Part 2: Full-Text - TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1 SC 32 SecretariatFinal Text Submitted for COR Publication
9012002.11.12Resolutions Adopted at the 17th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1, 21-25 October 2002 in Sophia Antipolis, France (1N6927)JTC 1 SecretariatResolutions
9002002.11.12SC 32 Document Register SC 32 N0851-N0900SC 32 SecretariatDocument Register
8992002.11.12Summary List of Published SC 32 StandardsSC 32 SecretariatProgramme of Work
8982002.11.12SC 32 Programme of Work17Programme of Work
8972002.11.12Summary List of SC 32 ProjectsSC 32 SecretariatProgramme of Work
8962002.11.12Draft Agenda for the twelfth meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG1 (Santa Fe, NM, USA, January 2003)SC32/WG1 SecretariatMeeting Agenda
8952002.11.12Disposition of comments on ISO/IEC CD 15944-2: Information Technology - Business Agreement Semantic Descriptive Techniques - Part 2: Registration of Scenarios and their Components as Business ObjectsPaul Levine (Editor)Disposition of Comments
8942002.11.12Disposition of comments on ISO/IEC FCD 14662:200x(E) Information technology — Open-Edi Reference Model 2nd EditionHannu Pelkonen (Editor)Disposition of Comments
8932002.11.12JTC 1/SC 32/ WG 1 Plenary Resolutions, Ottawa, September/October 2002SC 32/WG 1 ConvenerResolutions
8922002.11.04draft Agenda for the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 Plenary Meeting, Monday 2003-01-27 and Friday 2003-01-31, Santa Fe, NM, USASC 32 SecretariatMeeting Agenda
8912002.11.12Avoiding Referencing Explanatory Reports for documents from certain sourcesU.S. National Body (Jim Melton -Editor)National Body Contribution
8902002.10.15ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 FCD/DCOR 13249-2, 3, 5 Dresden Editing Meeting ResolutionKohji ShibanoResolutions
8892002.10.09Minutes of FCD Ballot Resolution Meeting (WG 3)Hugh DarwinMeeting Report
8882002.10.07Notice of Continuation FCD Editing Meeting for ISO/IEC 9075, Database Language SQL, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14. 2003-01-20 to 2003-01-31WG3 ConvenorMeeting Announcement
8872002.10.07Notice of Working Group Meeting ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG3 Database Languages 2003-01-20 to 2003-01-30WG3 ConvenorMeeting Announcement
8862002.10.07Summary of Voting/Table of Replies on 32N0854 - NWI BallotSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of Replies
8852002.10.04Draft Agenda for the SC32WG2 Meeting in Santa Fe, 2003-01-27 to 2003-03-04Larry Fitzwater - WG 2 ConvenerMeeting Agenda
8842002.10.03Summary of Voting on Document SC 32 N 0832, Project - - Encompassing TransactionSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of replies
8832002.10.03Summary of Voting on Document SC 32 N 0831, Project - - Authorization and AuditSC 32 SecretariatSummary of Voting/Table of replies