SC32 Related Activities

... Related Organizations

The following organizations are related to the SC32 activities. Many SC32 participants are also participants in other organizations, such as these:

IEEE LTSC (Learning Technology Standards Committee), URL:
CEN/ISSS/WS-LT (Learning Technology Workshop), URL:
DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative), URL:
ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning), URL:
ALIC (Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium), URL:
AICC (Aviation Industry CBT [Computer-Based Training] Committee), URL:
EdNA (Education Network Australia), URL:
eduSource A pan-Canadian Collaborative Project, URL:
IMS Global Learning Consortium, URL:
NATO ITD (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Integrated Technical Data)

... Related Standards and Specification Development Projects

The following projects are related to current and future activities within SC32. Some technical areas are within the approval process, while others are yet to be proposed and approved. This list was compiled based on the interest expressed by the SC32 National Bodies and Liaison Organizations.

IEEE 1484.1:  Learning Technology Systems Architecture (LTSA)
IEEE 1484.3:  Learning Technology Glossary
IEEE 1484.11: Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
IEEE 1484.12:  Learning Object Metadata (LOM)
IEEE 1484.18:  Platform and Media Profiles (PMP)
IEEE 1484.20:  Competency Definitions
A Standardization Work Programme for "Learning and Training Technologies & Educational Multimedia Software"
Project Team on "Internationalisation of the IEEE LTSC Learning Object Metadata (LOM) specification"
Project Team on "Availability of alternative language versions of a learning resource in the IEEE LTSC Learning Object Metadata (LOM) specification"
Project Team on "Description of language capabilities"
Project Team on "Quality assurance"
Project Team on "Educational modelling languages"
Project Team on "Repository of taxonomies/vocabularies for a European Learning Society"
Project Team on "Educational Copyright Licence Conditions"
Project Team on "Translation of LOM into various European Languages"
Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
Digital Electronic Library System (DELS)
Training Infrastructure
Training Technology
Collaborative Workplace, also SC32/N0043, SC32/N0046
Agent/Agent Communication, also SC32/N0044, SC32/N0046
Learner to Learner Interaction Scheme, also SC32/N0045, SC32/N0046
Architecture for collaborative learning
Offline content package
Streaming media management
Content licensing
Learning Object Metadata (LOM)
Learning Object Metadata (LOM)
Content Packaging
Question and Test Interoperability (QTI)
Learner Information Profile (LIP)
Enterprise Specification
Reusable Competency Definitions (RCD)
INCITS/K5 ANSDIT (American National Standard Dictionary for Information Technology)
INCITS/V36 US Technical Advisory Group on Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training

... Other Activities

ARIADNE (Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe), URL:
GESTALT (Getting Educational Systems Talking Across Leading-edge Technologies), URL:
PROMETEUS (PROmoting Multimedia access to Education and Training in EUropean Society), URL:

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